RxAccess.sd.gov does not:
Bullet Pay for medications.
Bullet Reimburse past medication expenses.
RxAccess.sd.gov helps people gain access to drug company assistance programs that supply prescription medications at low or no cost.

Welcome to RxAccess.sd.gov, where medication assistance is just a click away.

Save money on prescription drugs if:

Bullet You’re a South Dakota resident.
Bullet You have no prescription drug coverage through private insurance.
Bullet You do not qualify for any state assistance programs for prescription drugs.
Bullet You have a low income.

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Do you have questions about RxAccess.sd.gov? Click here to see some Frequently Asked Questions, and the answers. At times someone from the RXAccess program may need to contact you to best meet your needs.

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"When people are ill their first concern needs to be getting well.  This is made more difficult when a person is worried about paying for the prescription medications they need to take to get better or stay healthy.  That is why the State of South Dakota has made Rx Access available.  This website is designed to help those who qualify for assistance find prescription drugs free or at a reduced cost.  There are many drug companies who offer assistance programs for prescription medications.  By answering a few simple questions, this site can help put you in contact with those companies and, hopefully, put some of your cares at ease.  Additionally, the South Dakota Department of Social Services is here to help you.  If you have questions, problems or need help applying for assistance, please let us know."